Progressive Democrat Robert Zimmerman joins forces with self-labeled socialists in the fight to ratchet up federal spending and national debt with radical concepts such as “Medicare for all”.

Robert Zimmerman is a radicalized Democrat that proudly joins Bernie Sanders and AOC in their misguided quest for a complete government takeover of healthcare.  By abolishing all private and employer-sponsored health insurance, their goal is to eliminate Medicaid and Medicare as we know it in order to establish a “single payer” system of national health insurance. 

“Washington’s frenzied spending is already punishing ordinary Americans with back-breaking inflation,” Santos said. “Biden’s bad federal policies have brought on a recession, and we are witnessing a steady depreciation of savings and retirement income. America is now well over its head with $30.4 trillion in national debt. Americans’ financial future is being stolen from under us, and Democrats, like my opponent Robert Zimmerman, want to continue accumulating deficits and dangerous debt with radical policies like “Medicare for all”.”

“At a time when radical Democrat policy has brought on record inflation, a plunging stock market, and a weak labor market, Zimmerman is ready to print even more money and rack up more in taxes to pay for a national health care system. This would cost significantly more than the $3.5 trillion the nation spends on health care right now, about a third of which is spent on private insurance. This is ludicrous and I will fight to make sure the people of New York’s Third Congressional District have quality healthcare and not pay the bill for yet another asinine Democrat failed policy.”