George Santos Announces First Ad of Campaign

Today, George Santos, Republican candidate for New York’s Third Congressional District, announced his first ad of the 2022 campaign.
The ad highlights Santos’ history as a first generation American, and the choice New York voters will face in November.
George Santos lived the American dream, but is now watching the dream for which his parents came to America, collapse before his eyes. Joe Biden’s economy has seen record inflation and businesses destroyed. Under Democrat leadership, crime has surged and criminals roam free, all while Joe Biden is weaponizing the IRS to go after everyday citizens.
“This district is home,” Santos said. “My parents came here to live the American dream. They raised me on the values of hard work. They came to this country for opportunity and safety. I cannot stand around any longer and watch Joe Biden, Robert Zimmerman and Nancy Pelosi destroy this dream that has given me everything. I will not bow to a Party as Zimmerman always has – I will be a champion for the people of New York’s Third Congressional District.”
Cable and digital viewers in NY-03 will begin seeing the ad starting Thursday, September 8, 2022.
His family lived the American Dream… but now George Santos has seen that dream become a nightmare.
Joe Biden’s limitless incompetence created record inflation… weaponized the IRS… unleashed deadly crime waves… and destroyed American businesses.
But George Santos is fighting back… standing up to Biden to save his family’s dream and lead New York forward. Our defender of the American Dream. George Santos for Congress.
Gabrielle Lipsky | Press Secretary | (202) 607-2956