With inflation at a 40-year high, we must bring back energy independence along with reducing regulations to allow our nation’s economy to move forward and reduce inflation. The Joe Biden inflation crisis is putting major stress on Long Islanders. George is running to put a stop to the madness and stand up for you and your family. The Left has created a shortage for so many necessary products including cars and baby formula. A mom or dad on Long Island should never have to worry about being able to feed their baby, get their kids to school and get to work. George has spent years working in the private sector, he knows the value of a hard days’ work and the dollar that is earned from that. When George gets to Washington DC, he will work tirelessly to ensure that Long Islanders can not only survive, but thrive in our beautiful community.

Crime is spiraling out of control not only in New York, but in major cities across the nation. America is a nation of law and order. Our families and communities need to be protected. As woke socialists attempt to defund the police, it is essential that we defend and fund our law enforcement. The men and women who sacrifice their safety every day to protect us deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. George Santos will always Back the Blue.

George is completely against the New York cashless bail that allows dangerous criminals to roam our cities and streets. Criminals must be held accountable for their actions. Democrats in New York and across the country are putting criminals above law-abiding citizens .

Our community is becoming more and more dangerous at the hands of Democrat leadership. The safety of your family will be George’s number one priority when elected to US Congress. We must back the blue to reduce the amount of crime in our communities. By letting the police do their job, properly funded, crime in our neighborhoods will be reduced. In addition, we must secure the southern border. The amount of crime and drugs coming across the southern border is plaguing Long Island.

High taxes have become a major issue for New Yorkers. Spending in Washington DC is out of control. When George is elected to US Congress, George is committed to supporting a bill that would change the tax code to a flat tax rate. This would lower taxes, as well as make taxes much simpler. In addition, George is committed to cutting marginal income tax rates, capital gains tax rates, corporate income tax rates and eliminating the “Death Tax”. In addition, George will work to amend the SALT deduction on the 2017 tax code in order to best benefit his constituents of the district.

The price of energy is out of control. Whether filling up the gas tank, heating your home or traveling to see family. Joe Biden and the Democrats have created a crisis at the pump. We MUST hold them accountable in November. The Biden Administration refuses to take responsibility for this disaster. They continue to pawn off the blame to Putin and Russia. It’s time to hold the Democrats’ feet to the fire and hold Biden and the left accountable for the inflation crisis that they have created in New York, and across the country.

We need to become energy independent here in America. We have the most environmental regulation in the world as we have a federal, state, and local EPA. We produce the cleanest energy in the world. Not only will becoming energy independent create thousands of jobs, but it will also make the cost of living cheaper all around.

This is why George is running. As your US Congressman, George will fight every single day to make life in New York’s Third Congressional District affordable for you and your family.

In 2020, COVID-19 caught everyone by surprise. We need to ensure that we are prepared for pandemics and other crises to ensure that they have minimal impact on the United States. We must put measures in place to ensure that the proper PPE stockpiles are in place to combat any future pandemics. In addition, we must ensure that state governments are not abusing the resources and funds they are given to be prepared for these disasters. Putting these measures in place will help limit the tragic impact that worldwide or nationwide pandemics bring.