George Santos Campaign Announces the Launch of Small Businesses for Santos 1

This morning at a press conference in Great Neck, Republican Congressional Candidate George Santos announced the launch of the Small Businesses for Santos coalition. Fifteen (15) small business owners in New York’s Third Congressional District came together in support of George Santos’ congressional run. Santos was joined by Coalition Chairwoman and small business owner Tina Oppedisano for the announcement.


Small businesses are tired of being hurt by Democrat policies that have led to crushing inflation and rapidly rising crime. Businesses across New York’s Third Congressional District and those who do business within the district, are ready for a new generation of leaders. They are looking for leaders that will not only help lower the cost of goods, but also keep themselves and their employees safe.


The business owners starting the coalition are:


Tina Oppedisano, Trattoria 35

Kang Bae, House of Heros

Ann Marie Connors, Kelly + Connors, Inc.

Joseph Marando, Marando Landscape

James Murad, Meridian Capital Group

Joseph Oppedisano, Il Bacco Ristorante

Andrew Esposito, Barone Management LLC

Noah Siegel, Siege Athletics LLC

Theresa Dambinsky, Hammonds Cove Marina

Markella Fiacco, Transaero Inc.

Gina Mesuraca, Green Bay Sanitation Corp.

Sandra Morrison, Village Auto Bellmore

Krystal Fernandez, Royal 24 Boutique

Tom Connors, Ink Stitch Club 

Christopher Fiacco, Bell Concrete Corp/Planet Home Lending 



“We, as small business owners, have seen the crushing effects of failed leadership over the past few years.” Tina Oppedisano said. “Just as we stood together against the business lockdowns during COVID, we are now standing together in support of new leadership. We are tired of not being represented by our elected officials, it’s time for a new generation of leaders. We are excited to bond together in support of George Santos, who we know will be our voice in Washington.” She concluded.


“I am honored to have the support of so many local small business owners,” Santos said. “So many small businesses have been absolutely crushed by labor shortages and supply shortages as a result of the government paying people to stay home. The backbreaking inflation is a direct result of failed Democrat policies. In 2020, Democrats in New York tried to shut small businesses down, only allowing the big box stores to stay open. Robert Zimmerman would just be another rubber stamp for these failed Democrat policies. In Washington, I will wake up everyday fighting for small businesses here in New York’s Third Congressional District.” Santos added.






Gabrielle Lipsky 

Press Secretary 

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