Zimmerman Campaigns With Democrats Downplaying Concerns About Crime and Bail Reform 

Robert Zimmerman is campaigning side-by-side with Kathy Hochul, who calls her crime-concerned citizens “conspiracists” and “data deniers.”

Robert Zimmerman is coat-tailing Kathy Hochul, who has resorted to misleading and lying to the media to cover up the crime crisis she abetted. 

In an interview with MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation,” Hochul called her crime critics “master manipulators” who are spreading a “conspiracy all across America trying to convince people in Democratic states that they’re not as safe.”

Robert Zimmerman is one of the Democrats who proudly accepts Hochul’s endorsement in his bid for Congress. He is in lock-step with her denial about the rapid violent crime surging across New York State. George Santos is the Republican running against Zimmerman and is backed by every major law enforcement agency in Nassau County and many throughout the entire state, including New York City. 

Santos’s campaign is focused on tackling the crime crisis at the federal level and putting an end to the mass victimization of law-abiding citizens across the state and within his district. Robert Zimmerman and his leftist allies are trying to convince New Yorkers that criminal coddling has made New York safer. However, radical policies have caused a surge in nearly every major crime category— including a record 33% rise in robberies.

“Zimmerman parachuted into this race thinking that his 30 years serving as a mouthpiece for the Democrat party would win him this seat,” said Santos. “He began aligning with the radicalized Democrat party from the very beginning of his campaign. Let’s be clear: corrupt, radical-progressive, pro-criminal Kathy Hochul cannot defend her poor leadership amid political crises like rising crime and inflation. As Rob stomps around the district holding hands with the woman who declared that anyone who disagrees with radical and far-left policies does not belong in New York, his intolerance and out-of-touch agenda becomes undeniable,” Santos concludes.