George Santos has a five-point plan to secure the border and combat the crisis of illegal immigration.

  1. Build the Wall: Democrats refuse to put America first. We need a new solution to fund the Border Wall and expanded Border Patrol agents by directing fees from visa applications and enforcement directly to Border Patrol and bypassing Congress.
  2. Eliminate Sanctuary Cities and States: No city or state should endanger their citizens by allowing illegal immigrant criminals to be shielded from deportation after committing a crime. There are too many instances of American lives being lost to illegal immigrants. These are preventable crimes and is common sense.
  3. End Chain Migration: Reform legal immigration by replacing chain-migration with a merit-based system of vetting and welcoming the best and brightest.
  4. Close Loopholes: Reform immigration and asylum laws that tie the hands of our Border Patrol agents! Illegal immigrants are exploiting loopholes and abusing the system to gain entry.
  5. Mandate & Enforce E-Verify: Remove the incentives driving this crisis by mandating businesses to use E-Verify.

George believes only after Americans have assurances that the cause of the immigration crisis has been addressed should Congress move to provide a pathway of citizenship for individuals in the deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA).