George has a five-point plan to secure the border and combat the crisis of illegal immigration.

  1. Build the Wall: Democrats refuse to put America first. We need a new solution to fund the Border Wall and expanded Border Patrol force: directing fees from visa applications and enforcement directly to Border Patrol and bypassing Congress is the way to go.
  2. Eliminate Sanctuary Cities and States: No city or state should endanger their citizens by allowing illegal immigrant criminals to be shielded from deportation after committing a crime. There are too many instances of American lives being lost to illegal immigrants. These are terrible crimes that can be prevented with common sense.
  3. End Chain Migration: Reform legal immigration by replacing chain-migration with a merit-based system of vetting and welcoming the best and brightest.
  4. Close Loopholes: Reform immigration and asylum laws that tie the hands of our Border Patrol agents. Illegal immigrants are exploiting loopholes and abusing the system to gain entry.
  5. Mandate & Enforce E-Verify: Remove the incentives driving this crisis by mandating businesses to use E-Verify.

George believes that only after Americans have assurances that the cause of the immigration crisis has been addressed should Congress move to provide a pathway of citizenship for individuals in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).