Republican George Santos Speaks to the Issues Facing New York’s Third Congressional District as Democrat Robert Zimmerman Tries to Distract Voters

George Santos is declaring victory over his opponent Robert Zimmerman in the first general election debate in New York’s Third Congressional District, hosted by Newsday. 

“I renew my pledge to fight for the American Dream. I renew my pledge to be your partner in government. I will work together with you all to deliver results, to make sure your children have a future in the country, that our country comes back from the dark times in which we are living, to ensure that it is safe to go back out in the streets, that it is safe to count on your salary to cover your overhead.” Santos said. “This election is all about the control of Congress. You can give Joe Biden a rubber stamp for another two years by electing my opponent to Congress or you can elect me, someone who will stand up to Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi at every opportunity and deliver results for the Third Congressional District of New York,” Santos concluded the debate.


George Santos pointed out early on that Robert Zimmerman was making the debate and the election about personal attacks and the candidates themselves. Santos contrasted by reminding the voters that he is making the campaign about the people in New York’s Third Congressional District. Santos’ statement remained true throughout the debate as Zimmerman lobbed personal attacks at Santos in an attempt to distract the voters from the disastrous policies from Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi that have delivered record high inflation and skyrocketing crime. 


Robert Zimmerman had no answers for the Democrat failures in Washington. He offered no solutions to mitigate inflation or lower crime in the district. In fact, Zimmerman spent much of his time pledging his support for the Student Loan Forgiveness Plan, that will directly result in higher cost of living for New Yorkers as they will be forced to pay the bill. Santos criticized Zimmerman’s lip service, pointing out that Zimmerman failed to address the issues that are truly affecting the district. After the debate it was clear that Robert Zimmerman is extremely out of touch with this district and is the wrong for New York’s Third Congressional District. 


Gabrielle Lipsky | Press Secretary | (202) 607-2956