New York’s 3rd Congressional District, July 28, 2020 – The “Back the Blue” demonstration held this past weekend at Eisenhower Park drew thousands of New Yorkers in support of our first responders. This gathering was billed as the largest pro-law enforcement movement in the country and its intentions were made clear: safety is paramount and it’s impossible to achieve without supporting the heroes who adorn the blue.

Noticeably absent was Congressman Tom Suozzi. “Silence is consent,” warned Santos to the approval of a massive crowd. “We can no longer accept career politicians that sit silently as criminals are allowed to run our streets unabated, destroy neighborhoods, endanger our citizens, and put our officers in harm’s way.”

That’s why we must elect George Santos to Congress. Mr. Santos has been a consistent supporter and advocate for law enforcement officers while his opponent has remained silent, refusing to support our men and women on the front lines. He was honored as a speaker at the “Back the Blue” event.

Our leaders must uphold law and order, first and foremost. Without that, we don’t have a country. Santos will always back the fine men and women of our police departments. In closing, Santos noted, “I will never cower to the Marxist mob in my support for the Blue.”

#VoteRed to #BacktheBlue