Suozzi Wants to Fire 258,500 New Yorkers

New York’s 3rd Congressional District, February 14, 2020 – On the heels of self-proclaimed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders winning the New Hampshire Democrat Primary earlier this week, America Rising released a new resource exposing the dangers of Sander’s and AOC’s so called “Green New Deal” policy. As a reminder, this radical socialist policy is estimated to eliminate over 8 million energy sector jobs across the nation and subsidize anyone who is “unable or unwilling” to work. In New York specifically, it is estimated to cost 258,500 New Yorkers their jobs and increase the average cost of energy by nearly $300 per person, annually. Thomas Suozzi notably joined Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez to offer crucial support from his position on the powerful Ways and Means Committee. Suozzi showed utter disregard for the impact this socialist policy would have on New York families in a statement saying, “The real question is, can we afford not to enact the Green New Deal?” In February of 2019 American Action Forum estimated that the Green New Deal would cost up to $93 trillion over the next decade and cost the average household approximately $600,000 over the same period. Even fellow Democrats have criticized the plan. The senior Senator from California Dianne Feinstein stated in February of 2019: “there’s no way to pay for it”(Green New Deal).

In response George Santos stated the following: “Suozzi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal policy would be a disaster for the United States and New York in particular. Suozzi must know how bad this policy is and the only reason for supporting it would be to ingratiate himself to the socialist left-wing of his party. Playing politics with 258,500 New Yorker’s jobs is reprehensible and is another reason why the people of the 3rdCongressional District need to fire Suozzi in November before his politics cost them their own job. We need a Congressman who will stand with President Trump and keep this historic economy booming.”

George Santos – Republican Candidate for New York’s 3rdCongressional District


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