Jobs and Economy

George’s top priorities will be local job creation and improving the economy of Long Island.

At over $20 trillion, the national debt is staggering. However, the federal and local governments can’t tax their way out of this hole, which is the go-to solution for the Left. George strongly believes that the only way to balance the budget is by spurring economic growth at local levels which snowballs into national growth: a “trickle-up” effect. Doing so requires the creation of local jobs and cutting taxes; more income leads to more spending. As a businessman, George understands how to create jobs and spur investment. To ensure that spending supports the local economic infrastructure, local consumers must be incentivized to forgo the convenience of multinational companies like Amazon and support their local businesses instead. This creates a cycle of profit for the business and the consumer, achieving organic growth.

Local businesses are working hard, but many of the policies coming out of Washington and Albany are making matters more difficult. George will fight to shutter policies which are unfairly lightening taxpayers’ wallets.