Having lost his mother to cancer, this issue is personal for George. He will fight to protect accessibility of insurance for individuals with pre-existing conditions. George believes in making comprehensive healthcare more accessible and affordable for families and senior citizens. Specifically, George will fight to end price gauging by pharmaceutical companies which disproportionately hurt senior citizens. Additionally, George supports lifting caps on health savings accounts so families can save more for unexpected medical emergencies, routine care, and everything in between. George also supports legislation like the 21st Century Cures Act, a bipartisan approach to medical innovations. He believes the federal government should speed up approvals for new treatments, drugs, and medical devices because encouraging medical innovation means faster cures, and that means more time with loved ones.

Thomas Suozzi has signed a pledge to vote for single-payer healthcare. This is a socialist plan that puts the government between patients and doctors, limits choices, and eliminates private insurance. Shockingly, independent studies have projected similar plans would cost taxpayers $33 trillion over the next ten years. We’ve seen what happens under a single-payer system: rationed care, longer wait times to receive care, and a decrease in the quality of care. We need more choices, not less. Washington is broken—we cannot put career politicians in charge of our personal healthcare decisions.