George believe Republicans should lead on protecting our environment. Stewardship of our environment is a serious responsibility. But too often this is presented in our politics as a binary choice of either being pro-environment or pro-business. Americans can and should encourage both. George believes government, business, and citizens should work together on commonsense solutions.

  • Manhattan Project for Clean Energy Independence: George supports Sen. Alexander’s five-year focused plan. This comprehensive and bold plan of action to put America on the path to clean energy independence would include:
    • Double federal funding for clean energy research
    • Bringing carbon sequestration into broad scale use
    • Encourage private innovation for emerging technologies

And as a result, a cleaner environment, reduced trade deficit and lessened reliance on foreign oil.

  • Reforestation to reduce urban heat islands: New York, like all cities, experiences heat retention which drives energy use. Contributing to this issues is urban deforestation. The U.S. loses approximately 36 million urban trees every year. Encouraging reforestation would have many positive benefits including moderating the climate in our cities, improving air and water quality, and reduce CO2 and building energy use.
  • Property Protection: George supports the continued study and construction of barriers, like berms, wetlands restoration, raised parks, and sea walls, to protect our city and property against traumatic events like Hurricane Sandy.
  • Moving past bisphenol A (BPA): As an endocrine disputer, to human and animal life, we need to join the rest of the western nations move to phase out the use of BPA plastics.
  • Work toward eliminating plastic in the ocean: China alone dumps more than 3.5 million metric tons of plastic into the ocean annually, and is the world’s worst culprit in this regard. This practice that every country contributes to is destroying water life ecosystems. A scalable and reliable method of cleaning up plastic needs encouragement from our government and focus and we should do what is possible to continue to move toward biodegradable plastics and encourage recycling.

Souzzi supports Congresswoman’s Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s “Green New Deal”. This is a radical agenda that will take over and destroy the American economy. The estimated cost to the taxpayer is $93 trillion dollars. Souizzi and AOC’s absurd plan would eliminate all fossil fuels, but offers no plan for replacing the 98.5% of our energy dependent on traditional sources. As a result, agriculture production would collapse, logistics of goods would be significantly disrupted, all air travel would be eliminated. This is a reckless and dangerous plan and George will fight a socialist takeover of our economy and healthcare.