George Santos Announces Second Ad of Campaign

NY-03 Republican releases second ad highlighting public safety and the radical anti-police policies supported by his opponent 

Today, George Santos, Republican candidate for New York’s Third Congressional District, announced his second ad of the 2022 campaign.


The ad highlights violent crime and lawlessness surging throughout New York and Santos’ plan to end the reckless policies that wreak havoc throughout New York’s Third Congressional District.


Santos has the endorsement of every major enforcement organization in Nassau County, including the Police Benevolent Association, Detectives Association, the Superior Officers, and the Corrections Officers Benevolent Association; and even the Suffolk County PBA.


“The elected Democrats from the top down have failed us,” Santos said. “In Congress, Robert Zimmerman would be a rubber stamp for the Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi pro-crime agenda. He supports the same status quo that was curated by Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Kathy Hochul, Eric Adams, and all the other criminal coddling cronies. Unlike my opponent,  I will be a champion for the people of New York’s Third Congressional District. Safety should always be a priority and my record can prove that I am the law and order candidate in this race.”


“Underfunded police, ending cash bail, releasing violent criminals back on our streets. Robert Zimmerman supports the same reckless policies that created this crime wave.


New York deserves safe streets. That’s why George Santos vows to tackle crime head on in our district, by supporting and supplying local police, reinstating cash bail, holding criminals accountable, and protecting New York families. Endorsed by New York Law Enforcement, safer with Santos. George Santos for Congress”